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At Kappel  Kennels in Texas and in associated kennels within Europe and Germany our priority is in our dogs, breeding this magnificent breed is a privilege and an honor. It is our "passion", a commitment of excellence, perfection to you and to our dogs, with knowledge, a dedication that started with the breeder and their breeding stock of superior German shepherd males and females. Our goal is to give you a clear headed, breed standard, top quality puppy of your dreams!

The German Shepherd Dog is the one of the most adopted and famous breed through-out the world, popular for its intelligence, obedient behaviour, and guardian kind of instincts. They are children's favorite and one of the best family dogs you could own. We provide some of the best quality German Shepherd puppies for sale. At Kappel Kennel our males at stud are all excellent specimens of the GS Dog who have proven themselves all over the world.  We only import and breed the best quality dogs and use their q.....

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Dax Vom Kappel

Meet Dax! He is a handsome stock coat from our SG Eve Vom Shepherdland IPO1 x V SG10 (BSZS) Vincent Vom Haus Kathleen IGP1 KKL. 

Ulkan Vom Kappel

Pet home only! 

Meet Ulkan (call name Akiva). Ulkan is a beautiful male from our SG Hany Od Ranketa IPO1 x VA1 Xentos Von Der Wilhelmswarte IPO3 KKL. Ulkan is housebroken, crate trained, and is sharp on his basic obedience. He is great around children and would make an amazing family companion. Ulkan is available to a pet home only and will go on a strict neuter contract (must be done by 3 years of age). Contact us by phone or email to meet Ulkan! 

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