Paris Von Kappel

Paris is the sweetest pup with a meduim/low drive.  Paris has a super deep red pigment already that gets deeper by the day!  She is expected to be a larger female with a masculine head and heavy bones.  She will do well in a semi-active family.  Her favorite thing is playing tug of war with her sibling!

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Paris Von Kappel
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Triksi Von Kappel

About Mother:Triksi is hip & elbow certified and DM tested. She has gone SG1 and SG3 at the US Sieger show. Triksi is also a Geronimo Vom Team Panoniansee granddaughter. Geronimo is known as the Red King in Europe.

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Iliano Vom Haus Angel

About Father:Iliano is a German import male. He went SG12 in Germany out of almost 100 other dogs. He is a large male with a large masculine head. He has his IGP3 and his KKL.

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