Meet Mela! She is a heavy boned female from 2 pink papered German imports. She has a large masculine head and is charting be on the larger side for a female. She is a medium/low drive pup with a solid on/off switch. She would make a great addition to a home with children or small animals. 

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SG Yanka Von Media IPO1 KKL1

About Mother:Yanka is a pink papered German import. She has her SG show rating and her IPO1. She is a deep red female with a masculine head. She produces level headed, sweet puppies with lower drives.

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VA1 Xentos Von Der Wilhelmswarte IPO3 KKL

About Father:Xentos is a VA1 world champion that has traveled the world, competing at many different shows and placing well in all of them. He is a heavy boned, large masculine male with deep red pigment and a dark mask. Xentos produces clear headed pups with amazing on off/switches. He has his IPO3 and KKL as well.

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